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About the KawaiiZenbos (sona e kulupu Senpo)

Basic info.

mini transgender flag mini polyamorous flag mini sapphic flag

we are a plural system of 11 (and 3 former) members
our system name is "the Bubblegum-Holiday System" or "the zebos"
we love zebra cakes like a lot (they come in packs of 2!)
all of us use she/fae/it pronouns
we can speak english and toki pona

for a basic definition, plurality is when multiple individuals exist in the same body.

we would no longer like to be public about our member list, if you would like more information, you should meet us directly.
you can know all our initials though: C B K N A A J D D Y C.

Do not interact (DNI) if:

you are transphobic, homophobic, or racist
you are a transmed or a sysmed
you do not like furries
you support big corporations (eg. cloudflare, google, facebook)
you cannot distingush fiction and reality
you think cub/lolisho art is equivalent to real csa

Made with love by the KawaiiZenbos (kulupu Senpo). (2021-2024)
Last updated: 2024-05-14

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